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Here on we have highlighted and brought out our best lake products for our home state of Minnesota. We want to give you the best selection of docks and boating products to ensure that our home lakes are as fun and enjoying as we can make them. I specially chose these products for seasonal use and durability. Please look around at the custom selection of products here at, we ensure you that your check out and purchase options here are as secure as can be on our encrypted network and you’ll get the same great service as clients through all our purchasing channels.

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Roll In Docks

Custom quality docks that are virtually maintenance free.

Wave Armor

Ports for boats and jet skis to keep your marine machines in top condition.

Boat Lifts

Water is determental to boats – ironic right? Keep them dry and clean with a boat lift.

Floating Swim Mats

Fun on the water, easy to maintain so these mats unroll fun like 1-2-3.

Swift Lift

Have a lift already? This machine will modify your manual lift to a fully automatic.

Stand Up Paddle Board

I don’t need to sell you on these, but I will tell you – see them you’ll want one super fun.

Swimmers Itch Guard

Lift Mate

Boat Lift Motor

AirWave Pedestal

Automatic Drain Plug

Fishing Rod Retainer

Stand Up Paddle Board

Solar Lights

Water Slide

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